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Creating Expressive System Diagrams in & Lucidchart and the Importance of System Design

2018-05-31 software Nisarga Patel is an excellent free tool developed by Atlassian to allow developers and product managers to create expressive system designs. supports the creation of UML diagrams, Entity Relationship diagrams, flow charts, and Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). In addition to this supports a variety of icons in order to describe popular services contained within AWS, as well as other platforms.

Describing a simple microservice in

Above is an example of simple rules microservice described with Much more complicated services and platforms can be designed via this software.

Lucidchart , another option to make awesome charts

One of my friend’s, Darpan Shah also recommends Lucidchart as a paid option to create amazing diagrams. Lucidchart contains more features than and is used by multiple companies such as Starbucks, Target, and Tesla among others.

Never jump straight into the code!

Jumping into the code too early in the development process can lead to a lot of long term problems for development teams of any size. To prevent issues such as future technical debt, and integration errors, it is prudent to utilize tools such as or Lucidchart early in the development process.

Collaborating on UML Sequence Diagrams, and ER Diagrams also has support for sharing diagrams via Google Drive and support for designing UML sequence diagrams as well as entity relationship diagrams. For a recent Masters course in Software Engineering I recently used to collaborate with a team of 4 to work on system architecture and ER diagrams for a semester long project in designing a websocket based board game.

Designing dummy services / throwaway prototypes early in the development process

After creating the system architecture design a development team may also choose (given they have enough time) to create dummy prototypes to mock up their system architecture. Tools such as Apiary allow developers to mockup APIs. One can also quickly scaffold API services via an OpenAPI compliant RESTful API generator such as IBM’s

The more a development team can utilize diagraming software, code generation and boilerplates early in the development and design process the better grasp a team can get in regards to the final product. Creating expressive system architecture designs and prototype mockups are effective processes for early stage product development.

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